Being inside a connected home or ‘smart home’ makes life simple and easier. In the past only few people could afford to make their homes connected but today with improvements in technology and availability of low cost sensors and actuators – smart homes are within reach of a larger group of people.

Here are 5 tips for people looking for smart home on a budget… 

Tip 1: Ensure you have a proper electrical system at home with proper wiring, adapters, backup, Circuit breakers and most importantly certified equipments. Converting your home to a smart home is going to cost some money and you would not want to safeguard your investment against faulty electrical systems. So it is best to consult a professional electrician for asses and advise appropriately. Schedule a ‘NO COMMITMENT’ appointment with our Smart Tech team for a quick survey of your home for Home Automation.

Tip 2: For a smart home, you would need a wired or wireless network. Choosing a right router for your home would be of immense help. Choose the one with a good antenna and good range. When it comes to ethernet cables, CAT6 cables are ideal since they can deliver speeds up to 10 Gigabits over 100 meters. Schedule a ‘NO COMMITMENT’ appointment with our Smart Tech team for a quick survey of your home for Home Automation.

Tip 3: When setting up a smart home ensure you have proper after sales support from the team that is doing it. Validate the knowledge and responsiveness of the team before you commit the investment. It is going to save you lot of heart burn for sure. Know more about how ALAI Smart Tech Support & Sales team can help identify the most appropriate home automation solution for you.

Tip 4: Smart entertainment is here – With smart devices such as Google Home and Amazon Echo, you can now voice control to play the music of your choice and also check out the latest new, weather forecast and make calls too. There are different models available to suit your budget and the functionality you require. Know more about how ALAI Home Automation works seamlessly with Amazon Echo or Google Home

Tip 5: Look for a comprehensive solution that addresses security concerns, economic concerns and comfort. There are lots of providers who give bits and pieces solution. You might end up not using these system or find them incompatible with upcoming technologies. Choose a solution that will not get outdated in the next 10 years. Know more about how ALAI Home Automation Solution can help you. 

I hope you found these tips helpful to decide on how to switch to a smart home if you have more queries, do get in touch with and our representatives will be happy to help you.


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