At present, there is a wide spread awareness about IoT technology among people.

Everyday increasing number of people are changing their homes to smart homes.

Now, you might already know what a ‘smart home’ is or you might have seen it mentioned somewhere on the internet.

Simply put, a smart home is where devices like fan, light, AC and other home appliances communicate with a server and the user is able to turn on and off the devices using his/her smartphone.

Now that you know what a smart home is, let us look at the 7 reasons why people are changing their homes to smart homes.

  1. Centralized control

Smart homes provide the user with centralized control. Often times you will see that devices are controlled using a mobile app with a smartphone. There is no need to turn on the devices walking to every room.

  1. Energy Efficiency

An IoT enabled app will have different modes where the user can preset device status and the devices are turned on or off as specified by the user depending on the time of the day. This saves on electricity bills by efficiently managing the devices.

  1. Control devices from outside

With IoT app a user can control the device status (on/off) even when he is away from home. For instance, an user can turn on the AC while driving back home from a busy day’s work. So that, by the time he reaches home the room is already at an ideal temperature.

  1. Encapsulated technology

Even though, IoT is an advanced technology people don’t have to mess with wires or sensors. It’s all encapsulated and user just needs to touch the on/off buttons in the app, which even a 6 year old can do.

  1. Detailed logs

Most IoT apps provide logs for the users so that they can see for themselves which devices were turned on and for how long. This helps the user to create an energy efficiency plan in the future.

  1. Helps senior citizens

IoT app is a boon for senior citizens. Now they no longer have to walk to the switchboard to turn on the devices. They can simply do it using the app.

  1. Makes people tech savvy

Truth to be told in this day and age most of us want to adopt the latest technology. Converting our homes to smart homes shows that we are on par with the latest tech trends and moreover this is made possible with low cost sensors so what are you waiting for get in touch with us at and get to know more about this technology. 

I hope this post provided you with some insights on IoT. In the coming days we will take a closer look at how IoT works on the cloud.

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