Your Refrigerator can order items on your behalf…

Yes, it’s true in this day and age we are at a point where refrigerators can track the amount of vegetables, milk or ice cream available and trigger a notification to the local supermarket or an online grocery store, if the quantity drops below a certain level.

The merchant can then contact the house owner and fulfill the order. If the house owner wants he or she can also automate the process wherever human intervention is not required.

All this is made possible by using affordable sensors that can be attached to the refrigerator which in turn communicates to the artificial intelligence gateway.

This is not limited to refrigerators alone and can be extended to several other areas too.

Smart cars that let you drive safely and enjoy your drive…

For instance, your car can become a ‘connected car’ which monitors, collects and analyzes data and triggers appropriate messages on your smartphone or LCD on your car’s dashboard. A common example is parking sensor – that helps in precision parking. Highway drivers immensely benefit from dashboard indicators of the nearest petrol pump, drive-in restaurant or a hospital. All these are a reality – thanks to developments in the areas of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, microelectronics and high speed wireless communication.

Earlier, we had a scenario where if something went wrong with a car – the ‘check engine’ light would go on. But it was difficult to find out what exactly the problem was. Now, separate sensors are attached to vital parts which monitor critical parameters such as tire pressure, engine temperature, oil levels, etc,. This enables the manufacturer to detect a problem before hand and guide the car user to a nearest service center for a precise and timely resolution.

It also helps manufacturers to improvise the car design over time as they are able to collect and analyse specific user data from a particular country or a region. These data points would help in understanding road conditions, car usage, driver habits, car performance under different road and climatic conditions to name a few.

Smart wearables are a boon to patients with critical health conditions…

We are also seeing a rapid increase in the use of smart wearables. These devices can communicate to the gateway during critical conditions such as when the heart rate of a person is too high or blood pressure is too low. The gateway in turn can alert the medical facility to send an ambulance or a doctor to provide immediate care.

The hospital also gets information on vital parameters of the patient during transit in the ambulance. This helps in timely diagnosis and providing right medical care to  patients with serious medical conditions. This is most useful for accident and trauma victims, and patients with serious cardiac and other health conditions who would require precise and timely medical interventions once brought to the hospital.

 We have seen some of the areas in which IoT can help us lead better lives. Scientists and Engineers are discovering more and more ways to collect, analyze data to make better decisions. In the coming years the growth of this technology is sure to make our jaws drop in amazement.

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