If you are planning to make your home a smart home, then there are some things you would need to consider so that the transition is smooth. When it comes to smart homes choosing the right solution is important.

There are two ways to convert your home to a smart home:

  1. You can buy smart products separately and integrate them using the manuals provided by manufacturers.

This is not feasible for everyone as it requires working knowledge of different hardware and software.

Fortunately, there are one stop solutions provided by companies like Alai Labs(www.alai-labs.com) that takes care of all hardware and software installation issues while you sit and relax at your home.

 In the following example I have mentioned the process that is followed by Alai Labs.

First, a representative from the company will visit your house to take note of electricity points then a controlling device will be installed and configured. Now, this device can communicate with the devices you use at home like fan, light, AC, etc.

Once the control device is installed and configured, you will be provided with an app that can be installed on your smartphone. The app helps you to turn on and off the devices at  home.

All this can be done in a matter of few days depending on your house infrastructure. Once that is done – you can call your home a ‘smart home’ just like other smart home owners. You will be able to control and do various things with the devices at your home.

Moreover, the app also works on the cloud network which means you will be able to control the devices from outside your home.

Now that you know the process of converting your home to a smart home you can get in touch with Alai Labs through the above mentioned website address and speak to one of their representative to get started.




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